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Compassionate Care Leave in BC

March 31, 2004
by Israel Foulon LLP

Question: I work in British Columbia , and my mother is very sick. How much time am I entitled to take off to help her during her illness?

Answer: According to the British Columbia Employment Standards Act an employee is entitled to take up to five days of unpaid leave during each employment year for family responsibility. Family responsibility includes the care, health or education of a child in the employee’s care, or the care or health of any other member of the employee’s immediate family.

Immediate family is defined as the spouse, child, parent, guardian, sibling, grandchild or grandparent of an employee and any person who lives with an employee as a member of the employee’s family.

An employer is obliged to give an employee leave if he so requests. The employer must not terminate the employment or unilaterally change a condition of the employment due to a family responsibility leave.

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