May 12, 2004

Lying on a resume

Question: Does an employer have just cause for dismissal if he discovers a new employee lied on his resume? Answer: Lying on a resume or in a job interview is not necessarily cause for dismissal without notice. It will depend on the nature of the lie, and the impact the lie had on the hiring…

March 31, 2004

Can an employee be fired for showing up drunk?

Question: Can an employee be fired for showing up drunk? Answer: Intoxication at work is not necessarily enough to justify dismissal. A formal warning must generally precede dismissal for intoxication unless this was an extremely serious incident. Whether a single incident of misconduct justifies dismissal depends on the specific circumstances of the situation. Consideration must…

March 17, 2004

Dismissing an employee for lateness

Question: We have an employee that is continually late to work. This has been going on for an extensive period of time and she keeps arriving later and later. Can we dismiss her for just cause because of this? Answer: Summary dismissal is an extreme measure and one to be taken seriously. A single incident…

November 12, 2003

Dismissing employees – dealing with absenteeism during holiday season

Question: Is it appropriate to dismiss an employee close to the holiday season? Answer: If an employer is dismissing an employee for cause, the time of year cannot impact an employer’s decision to proceed with the dismissal. Proceeding with the dismissal will avoid any allegations that the employer condoned the employee’s conduct by not acting…

October 29, 2003

Dismissing employee on probation

Question: Two months ago we hired an employee for a position in our company. Unfortunately we have found this employee’s performance to be substandard, and that overall she is not a good fit with the organization. Are we allowed to dismiss her because she is technically still on probation? Answer: It is important to realize…

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