November 13, 2002

Employment Contracts – Merits of Using

Employers have nothing to fear from employment contracts Employment contracts are becoming a more common means of clarifying many of the terms of the employment relationship. A written contract which is finalized prior to the start of the employment relationship allows the employer and the employee to negotiate terms at a time when they are…

November 12, 2002

Wrongful Resignation

Question: Although employees are not required by B.C. law to give the employer notice, is it acceptable to stipulate in a signed employment contract they must give one week’s notice? If we can ask the employee to give one week’s notice, can we also indicate that if it is not provided the difference between the…

October 30, 2002

Giving appropriate working notice

Question: What are the necessary steps for giving a terminated employee working notice that is valid? Answer: Working notice allows an employer the opportunity to terminate an employee without having to pay out a large amount of pay in lieu of notice because actual working notice of termination is provided. In order to give proper…

October 30, 2002

Fixed-term contracts

Question: What happens when an employee on a fixed-term contract works past the expiry of the fixed term? Answer: A fixed-term contract allows an employer to hire an employee for a specific period of time, at the end of which the employee’s term of employment comes to an end. Under a fixed-term contract the employee…

October 21, 2002

Stock option plans hit the courts

An employee may be terminated but rights to stock options can live on Stock option plans have become a staple of employment compensation, especially for executives and employees in the technology field. Now options are finding their way into termination disputes and the legal system. Canadian courts have made it clear that unless companies are…

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