January 8, 2003

Mandatory Retirement

Question: We currently have a mandatory retirement policy requiring retirement at age 65, as is acceptable according to B.C. human rights legislation. We want to change this so it is not mandatory but rather subject to assessments the person is still capable of performing the job. But what happens if we want the person turning…

December 16, 2002

Accommodating Religious Beliefs

How far does an employer have to go to accommodate religious beliefs It appears courts may be adopting a more practical and business-like approach to accommodating employees to the point of ”undue hardship” under human rights legislation. In a decision released in September by the Ontario Divisional Court, Ontario (Human Rights Commission) v. Roosma, the…

October 16, 2002

Human Rights – IQ Test

Can you ask these questions in a job interview? Here is a list of questions to test your human rights IQ. Can you ask these questions in an interview? Although the answers discuss the Ontario situation, most Canadian provinces are consistent in the treatment of these issues. Hint: Focus on how the question will sound…

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