March 24, 2003

Providing References to Employees

Should you or shouldn’t you? Good, bad or no reference at all, employers can still get into legal trouble When employment is terminated or an employee resigns, whether or not to provide a reference can be a difficult decision. HR managers frequently question if a reference should be given and if so, what it should…

March 5, 2003

Conducting Credit Checks

Question: We carry on business in the U.S. and have recently decided to extend our operations to Ontario . As part of our standard employment application form we have a paragraph whereby the prospective employee authorizes us to conduct background investigations into her consumer credit. Can we continue to use this application form when hiring…

March 5, 2003

Can Employers Conduct Drug Screening on Job Applicants?

Question: We also do pre-employment drug screening as part of our hiring process in the U.S. Can we continue this practice once we start operations in Ontario? Answer: Although drug-testing is pervasive among employers in the U.S. , there are strict restrictions on drug and alcohol testing in Ontario . The Ontario Human Rights Code…

February 5, 2003

Does a Job Posting in a Newspaper Constitute Inducement?

Question: I realize inducing an employee to leave a secure position can leave me liable for paying greater notice, but at what point is it considered to be inducement? For example, I post an ad in the paper and prospective employees apply for the position. I interview many candidates and tell them what our company…

October 16, 2002

Human Rights – IQ Test

Human Rights IQ test: What can employers ask? Can you ask these questions in a job interview? Here is a list of questions to test your human rights IQ. Can you ask these questions in an interview? Although the answers discuss the Ontario situation, most Canadian provinces are consistent in the treatment of these issues….

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