March 29, 2007

The Pitfalls of Head-Hunting

Head-Hunting is a Dangerous Sport In the war for talent, employers seeking to recruit are no longer relying simply on job postings, recruitment firms and word of mouth to solicit potential candidates.  Indeed, many businesses are directing their present employees to actively recruit former colleagues of past employers.  This method of recruitment can have significant…

June 9, 2004

If a Headhunter Lies to a Candidate – Is the Employer Liable?

Question: Our company uses a headhunter when recruiting. If a headhunter makes a misrepresentation to a potential employee during the hiring phase which induces the employee to join our company, can we as the employer be held liable for such misrepresentations? Answer: The fact a headhunter has performed the recruiting activities for the employer does…

October 1, 2003

Keep Human Rights Legislation in Mind When Writing Help-wanted Ads

Question: I am in the process of starting my own company and need to hire new employees. I have been told human rights legislation prohibits me from asking certain questions of prospective employees. Could you provide some guidance on how to write job advertisements and application forms that do not run afoul of human rights…

April 16, 2003

Reference and Credit Checks

Things to keep in mind to ensure the job search ends with the right candidate The opportunity to check the references of a candidate who has applied for a new position should not be missed in the rush to fill the vacancy. Checking references before hiring will help organizations: confirm the information provided by the…

April 16, 2003

Can Employers Ask About Past Union Affiliations During a Job Interview?

Question: During an interview, is an employer permitted to ask an applicant about past union affiliations? Answer: In Ontario , under the Labour Relations Act, 1995, employers are prohibited from refusing to employ a person because he was or is a member of a trade union. Therefore it would be inadvisable to ask the above…

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