June 11, 2003

When is an Employer Obligated to Issue a Record of Employment?

Question: When is an employer obligated to issue a record of employment? Answer: A record of employment must be issued within five calendar days of the interruption of earnings or the date the employer becomes aware of the interruption. An interruption of earnings occurs when an employee resigns from her job, is laid off or…

June 11, 2003

Severance Obligations to Dismissed Employees Receiving EI Benefits

Question: What obligations does an employer have when providing severance to a dismissed employee who has received Employment Insurance benefits? Answer: Under s. 46 of the Employment Insurance Act, an employer who has reason to believe the dismissed employee has received Employment Insurance benefits in respect of the period for which severance is paid has…

May 14, 2003

SARS Update

Question: In Ontario , have there been any legislative changes which employers should be aware of when dealing with SARS-related absences? Answer: The outbreak of SARS has had a tremendous impact on the workplace in Ontario affecting both employers and employees. Some employees have been required to stay home from work due to doctors’ or…

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