September 17, 2003

Calculating Pay for Public Holidays in Ontario

Question: How is public-holiday pay calculated in Ontario ? Is the number of weeks used to calculate public-holiday pay pro-rated for employees who work less than a full work week? If an employee has just started working and has worked less than four work weeks prior to the public holiday, is this reflected in the…

August 6, 2003

Vacation for Part-time Employees

Question: In your most recent issue I read that part-time employees are entitled to 10 days’ vacation after 12 months of employment. I am unclear though whether this means they have to work an equivalent of 12 months (for example, if the part-time employee only works three days per week, can the vacation entitlement be…

August 6, 2003

Employing Children in Manitoba

Question: What is the law in Manitoba with respect to the employment of a child that is 14 years of age? Answer: Under the Manitoba Employment Standards Code no person is allowed to employ a child, defined as an individual under the age of 16 years, without a permit. Permits may be obtained on application…

July 23, 2003

Does Changing Employees to Salary Circumvent Overtime Regulations?

Question: We have negotiated a deal with our employees by which they have agreed to be paid at a regular rate of pay for any hours worked in excess of 40 hours a week. In order to implement this we had the employees sign an agreement which states they are willing to accept the above…

June 8, 2003

Can an Employer Ask Candidates to Work for Free?

Question: As a way to improve our hiring process, we want to include a return interview where the considered applicant would visit our company to see the job and work on it for two to four hours. This way, the applicant can have a good understanding of the position they are being hired for. However,…

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