March 5, 2003

Are Membership Fees a Taxable Benefit?

Question: Is the payment of professional membership fees by an employer a taxable employment benefit? Answer: An employer who pays professional membership fees on behalf of its employees does not confer a taxable benefit if the employer is the primary beneficiary of the payment. Whether the employer is the primary beneficiary will depend on the…

February 19, 2003

How to create a sound progressive discipline policy

Whether out of fear of legal repercussions or ignorance, many employers are paralyzed when it comes to poor performance or attitudinal problems of employees. A suggested approach to this problem is to take corrective action that, when communicated by way of written policies and verbal discussions and consistently applied, can become a win-win situation for…

February 5, 2003


Overpaying for overtime?: Practical tips to reduce costs Although every jurisdiction has minimum standards requiring the payment of overtime, employees and managers are often confused about who is eligible for overtime and how overtime is handled and paid. A policy statement regarding this subject is the easiest way to eliminate any confusion about this issue….

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