November 12, 2003

Maintaining a Professional Work Enviornment During the Holiday Season

Question: What are some considerations for employers when trying to maintain a professional work environment during this festive time of year? Answer: When trying to maintain a professional work environment during this time of year, an important issue to consider is alcohol consumption. Alcohol consumption by employees at company parties can be cause for great…

September 3, 2003


PIPEDA will rule the land come January Background The Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) was passed in 2001 by the federal government and initially applied only to federal undertakings. It includes a provision which states that as of Jan. 1, 2004, the act will apply to all provinces and territories unless there…

May 14, 2003

Policy Manuals

The case for a policy manual: It causes more good than harm Some employers are reluctant to embrace the concept of employment policies because they see them as a waste of time and money. They may also mistakenly perceive the policies as an unnecessary encumbrance, a harness which will inhibit flexibility in the workplace. Properly…

April 30, 2003

Is an Employer Obligated to Pay Wages of Staff on Short-term Disability?

Question: Our company does not offer short- or long-term disability benefits to employees. One of our employees has provided us with medical documentation which states she will not be able to return to work for two months. Is the company obliged to pay her wages? Answer: Whether or not the employer is required to pay…

March 5, 2003

Employer Responsibility for Alcohol

Question: The employer (a college campus) has various locations on the employer’s premises at which alcohol may be consumed, such as pubs and bars. If employees consume alcohol at lunch while at one of these places, and then return to work and injure someone or get into an accident, who bears the responsibility for any…

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