February 16, 2005

Deducting Wages Re: LTD

Question: Where a long-term disability program has been implemented, can deductions be made from the employees’ wages to cover the costs of the premium? Furthermore, where such action is protested as per s. 13 of the Employment Standards Act, 2000 of Ontario , what options are available to the company? Answer: Under the applicable Ontario…

January 5, 2005

How Long Should an Employer Retain Records?

Question: For how long must an employer retain employee records after the employee is no longer employed? Answer: Requirements for the retention of employee records in Ontario are set out in the Employment Standards Act. The general rule is that employee records are to be retained for three years after the employee ceases to be…

March 3, 2004

Key Consideration in Implementing Workplace Harassment Policies

Question: We would like to institute a workplace harassment policy in our organization. What are some of the key considerations in implementing such a policy? Answer: The Ontario Human Rights Code and the Canadian Human Rights Act recognize harassment as a violation of human rights. Accordingly employers have a responsibility to provide employees with a…

February 4, 2004

Is it Illegal to Have Mandatory Retirement Policy?

Question: Is it illegal to have a mandatory age of retirement policy in an organization? I would like your opinion on the constitutionality of the following article in a collective agreement between a municipality and a union: “All employees reaching normal retirement age of 65 shall be obliged to retire from the services of the…

January 7, 2004

Romance in the Workplace

Question: As an employer, I am unsure of how to deal with office romances. Do I have any obligations to institute workplace policies for romances between co-workers? Should I consider drafting a corporate policy that specifically addresses this issue? Answer: The term office romance implies the relationship between the parties is consensual. Accordingly it is…

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